We are highly experienced and obtain higher than industry average open rates on our campaigns ...



Force 4 Computing are highly experienced in designing and sending on your behalf responsive, marketing email campaigns.  They render very well, on any sized device.  We also offer SMS messaging.


We can manage your contact lists, via a sign up form if required.  We can personalise your campaigns and include a pre-header to be more effective, and include any social media and unsubscribe links.  We then track and produce reports so you can see how successful your campaign performed and which engagement and acquisition strategies are working better.  These include statistics such as the percentage open rates, click throughs and bounces  (please see the glossary of meanings below).


Force 4 send email campaigns from our own dedicated IP address, which means Force 4 build their own reputation so your email has enhanced delivery success.  Most email marketing companies will send your campaign with a shared IP address, which are likely to be ruined by other senders sending spam.  Our “double opt” in feature makes email signup GDPR compliant, cuts out spammers and builds quality lists.  We can also provide the relevant code for a form to be embedded in your webpage to collect data if required.


Delivery rates are also significantly improved as we configure domain keys and SPF records on your own domain from which we mail out from, on your behalf.


Force 4 are proud to say that their email campaigns have a much higher than industry average open rate of 47.37%**, (compared to 21.33%*)Our Click through average rate is over four times the national average of 11.52%, compared to 2.62%*.

*National Comparison :  Mailchimp 2019

**Force 4 Computing average rates Jan-Sept 2020


An idea of our pricing ...


If artwork is supplied for the mailing:  £30-50 per campaign (no maximum contacts)

F4 to design artwork in-house: price on application, please get in touch for a no obligation quotation.

Force 4 provide you with a post campaign report, so you can see how your email performed.  This usually follows via email in PDF format 7-10 days after your campaign was sent.


F4 also offer the sending of bulk text messages.  Promote time-sensitive and special events by sending SMS marketing campaigns to a contact list.


Sending reminder text messages is a great way of making sure that people don’t forget their appointments!  90% of SMS messages are read within 3 minutes of receipt and SMS messages have a whopping 98% open rate*


✔️ Reliable delivery

✔️ Direct line to the customer

✔️ High engagement

✔️ Compliments your email marketing strategy





  • Open rate


This is a contact who has opened your newsletter at least once, and has accepted to download its content (including images).


You have to distinguish between "openings" (which can be multiple) and "unique openings".


Open rate % = [Total number of openings]/[number of sent emails]


  • Click through rate


This is a contact who clicked at least once on a link in your newsletter.


  • Click-to-Open Rate


The click-to-open rate of your campaign is your contacts' number of clicks divided by the number of openers. There are three kind of rates that will allow you to analyse your campaign's effectiveness.

The click rate is the one you must maximise: It directly represents your campaign's effectiveness.


This means that the click-to-open rate represents the effectiveness of your e-mail's content: Whether it's interesting and relevant to your contacts.


Click rate % = [Total number of clicks]/[number of sent emails]


  • Bounce


The term "bounce" refers to a message that has failed to be delivered and resulted in an error message. There are two types of bounces: "soft bounces" (caused by a temporary problem and future campaigns will be sent to these recipients and "hard bounces" -  a permanent problem.  These recipients will be automatically "blacklisted" and will no longer be sent your messages. (non-existent address or blocked email address).


Blacklisted: Contacts may be blacklisted for several reasons:


  • Complaint (your contact has reported the email as SPAM)
  • Unsubscription (your contact has asked to unsubscribe from your messages)
  • Unsubscribed by admin
  • Hard bounce


Note: Our system at Force 4 Computing automatically blacklists contacts that result in hard bounces.


  • The "Heat Map"


The Heat Map shows the "hot" and "cold" areas of your email. Hot areas had the most activity and Cold had the opposite. You will never get the same number of clicks on each of your links. This difference may be due to your links and the interest that your readers on them, or even the arrangement of your newsletter: some areas being more visible than others.

The Heat Map is very useful for learning what your contacts like and how to improve your marketing efforts. For example, you can work on areas of your email that have not been successful, and use links in areas with more activity, etc.


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