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Your business probably has a website, and this is important, but nowadays this just isn’t enough.  Businesses wishing to reach out and develop a closer relationship with their customers need to adopt a multi-channel method of communicating. Without a doubt smart phones, social media and the use of apps have become mainstream and to miss out on these channels is to forgo business opportunities and let your competitors gain the advantage.

Mobile apps now account for more than half of all time spent on digital media and it's for this reason that we believe many businesses would benefit greatly from adding an app to the way they market their products or services.


You've probably heard that custom made apps can be very expensive.  The good news is that  we offer our clients top quality app creation in terms of design, functionality and technology, however our approach enables us to deliver this at exceptionally competitive prices.   We do this by offering our clients a wide range of app features, all branded with your images and logo, via a tried and tested streamlined production process.


We highly recommend you download our free, no obligation demo app, or view the features video below for an overview.

A Wide Range of available App Features

Choose those features that will benefit your business and have them tailored to your requirements


Push Messaging

Booking Requests

Booking Reminders

Loyalty Scheme

Recommend a Friend Scheme

All Your Business information

Sat Nav Directions Straight to Your Door

Special Offers



Reputation Management

Multi-site Customisation

Advanced Analytics

App Management Interface

Your own direct link to all your app users!

Make it easy for customers to request appointments

Appointments are stored in the users app and they are also sent email reminders

Incentivise your customers to return again and again

Incentivise your customers to recommend your business to their friends

All links to your website, Facebook, Twitter in one convenient place within your app

Direct customers and prospects directly to your door

Easily communicate your latest offers/promotions to all your app users – instantly

Showcase your work and business with the in built gallery or link directly to your Instagram account

Specify a radius around your businesses that triggers a message to be sent to your customers app, when they are in your area!

Strategically placed iBeacons, triggered by the close proximity of the app, can request a Review by your customer, sent either  direct to the business or via social media channels

Send push messages to all or to users of a specific venue. Create different galleries, offers, events or news items for each venue.  Enable custom menus, bookings and vouchers according to the venue

See how well your app is performing. Analytics also let you monitor the interest in your promotions, allowing you to tailor them for your customer base

Clients have access to their own online app control panel, enabling in-house management of core app features. Multi site venues can create multiple user logons with permissions that only allow changes to specific venues

Lets take a look at how the Features Work

Clients can choose those features that will benefit their business and have them tailored to their requirements

We recommend watching our video demonstrating our features.  This is a large video and best viewed on a desktop device rather than a mobile.  Please go to our website when logged on to a computer.  The video can be found on the desktop version of our website, on the "Apps" page.

Day to Day Management of the App

Once the app is live, clients have their own online consol, providing them with comprehensive control of the app and its features:

We recommend watching our video demonstrating the management features.  This is a large video and best viewed on a desktop device rather than a mobile.  Please go to our website when logged on to a computer.  The video can be found on the desktop version of our website, on the "Apps" page.

So you want to proceed... what's the process

It's really very simple.  We find out how you want to use the app, collect information from you and then build it!

Join us! As soon as we get your go ahead, we start the process

You are automatically sent a simple design brief

Our excellent designers will build a great online demonstration of your app, so you can see exactly what it'll look like

Approve the demonstration or send your feedback

If you provide feedback our designers work with you until you are 100% delighted with your app

Your app is submitted to the Apple and Android app stores

Approval can take up to 10 days

Your app goes live!

We provide you with full training on how to use your online consol to manage your app

You receive the artwork for your window sticker and QR codes. Then promote your app and grow your business

We are here to help you... should you need us

Want to download a demo app?

We've created a demo app for a fictitious business "F4 Salon". Download it and see what extensive benefits it has to offer.


Available (for free and no obligation) by scanning the QR code below, or the following links below to download for Google Play for android and iTunes for Apple ...

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