Apart from creating bespoke websites, we are able to offer our clients a range of out-of-the-box online tools that can add great functionality to a website.  These utilities may meet your needs just as they are, if not, we can customise them to exactly match your requirements.  Either way you reap the benefits of being able to use tried and tested MySQL database driven scripts without the high costs associated with these solutions being developed from scratch.


Below are a few examples of some of the ready made scripts we have on offer:

Website Chatbox

Start a conversation with people on your website with a customisable Chatbox pop-up ...

 ✔️Answer questions from leads and customers in real time.

✔️Always stay on top of things and never leave your customers waiting!

✔️Organize your workflow by assigning conversations to different chat user agents to optimise response time and prevent any missed opportunities.

Restaurant Table Booking

This restaurant booking system is a convenient self-serviced table booking system that can be embedded into any website.  With this restaurant reservation system you can create a customised booking process and let people book a table online, manage restaurant availability and reservations.

Please see our full desktop site for a full list of the features and to view our interactive demo.

Event Calendar

You can easily create and manage events, important tasks, and meetings, producing a user friendly calendar for integrating into your web page.

Suitable examples:  Social events for example Restaurant / Pub, Exhibition location dates, Live music events etc.

Event Booking Tool

Our Event Booking tool can be embedded into your website, for your customers to register / buy tickets for any event - classes, trainings, conferences, live music etc.

It has the facility to take a deposit payment, full payment if needed and even attach an event ticket on the confirmation email with a barcode reader facility for checking ticket validity!

Suitable examples:  Ticket Bookings, Availability Bookings, Registration Bookings, Service Bookings.

Add this appointment scheduling software into your website to boost your bookings, add online-self booking functionality, manage appointment calendars, individual schedules, services and rates.

Holiday / Lettings Booking

Property management software for managing holiday and rental bookings.

You have control over property listing content, titles, submissions, users, guest reservations, languages and more.

Post Comment / Feedback

With our easy-to-use Post Comment Script it's easy to embed a simple comment box, discussion board, or a guestbook on your website. Your website visitors will share their opinions with you and with other visitors.

A notification system is available to keep editors and users aware of new posts and replies.

Menu Maker

Add an online, responsive Menu Maker to your restaurant website and present your dishes tastily!

Personalise every entry by adding name, image (optional) and description. Set portion sizes and respective prices. Enable/disable products as per availability and launch special offers.

Member Directory

This enables you to place and manage an unlimited number of member profiles and listings on your website.

Each member profile consists of member’s name, profile image, full contact details and age (optional). You can (or members themselves can) also add, edit and manage the following member features: gallery images, short biography, professional skills set, links to member’s social & professional network profiles.